2018 Girls Varsity Volleyball

2016/2017 Girls JV and Varsity Basketball

Our athletics department is something that we take great pride in at Berean! We currently offer Girls'  and Boys' basketball, as well as Girls' Volleyball with plans to add new sports in the future. 


Our strong Biblical foundation extends out of the classroom and on to the court. We strive to put Christ at the forefront of everything we do, including our athletics department! Prayer before games and practices, local outreach opportunities, and positive Biblical encouragement are all commonplace for our athletes. God has blessed our students with tremendous athletic abilities and we consistently pray that they use their talents for His glory. 


At Berean, students become life-long learners. Our academic program instills the knowledge they will need to excel at their chosen profession.


Our classes achieve excellence because we employ a wide repertoire of teaching and learning strategies, and students are actively involved in the learning process. Our stimulating classes draw upon students' strengths and encourage them to push themselves to the best of their abilities. Many of our classes, including Science and Agriculture, provide an engaging, hands-on learning experience with a fully equipped science lab and experiments in horticulture. 

We proudly use the A Beka curriculum in Preschool-12th Grade; we have found that it not only challenges our students, but motivates them to meet those challenges as well. Additionally, the

A Beka curriculum provides a strong Biblical foundation for our students, integrating Biblical principles into all core subjects. We have a 90+ percent honor roll rate each year and are confident that our students are exceedingly prepared for the next level of their education when they graduate. 


We are constantly pursuing the necessary training, technology, and teachers to give our students a  learning advantage. Our faculty is highly trained in their area of expertise, with teaching experience ranging from 8 to 40+ years. 


What a fun entertaining bunch of students.


2018 Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball

2016/2017 Boys Junior Varsity Basketball

Back Row Left to Right:  Lexi Keeling, Teigan Cook, Coach Ashtyn McCleery, Coach Kerry Keeling, Kacy Wilson, Olivia Janssen

Front Row Left to Right:  Sherie Sehrbrock, Nicole Gold, Emily Selvidge, Taylor Powers, and Drew Howerton


Back Row Left to Right: Anna Lundberg, Avery Owens, Darissa Ennes, Olivia Janssen, Olivia Osborn, and Raliegh Owens

Middle Row Left to Right: Ashtyn McCleery, Shelby Jennings, Heidi Sehrbrock, Lydia Gibfried, Emily Swanson, Ellie Wisman, and Coach Kerry Keeling

Front Row Left to Right: Bridgette Frantz, Ryah Hardin, Mymy Cai, Selah Whisman, and Leah Bowles

Back Row Left to Right:  Coach Jenny Frazier, Lexi Keeling, Sarah Dodson, Ashtyn McCleery, Shelby Jack, Nicole Gold, Taylor Keeling, Coach Brian McCleery

Middle Row Left to Right:  Rebekah Pitts, Katey Spurlock, Jewel Spurlock, Paige Copeland, Coach Jay Presson

Front Row Left to Right:  Abi Hoenshell, Jaylyn Presson 

Back Row Left to Right:  Coach Jay Presson, Cole Howerton, Caleb Keeling, Jaxon Courtney, Colt Keeling, Hunter Freeman, Coach Brian McCleery

Front Row Left to Right:  Joel Keeling, Cash Keeling, Caleb Hall, Ben Owens, Coach Jenny Frazier

Back Row Left to Right:  Coach Jay Presson, Coach Jenny Frazier, Cash Keeling, Ben Owens, WIll Kuschel, Joel Keeling, Coach Brian McCleery

Front Row Left to Right: Elijah Keeling, Brett Howerton, Evan Clifton 


2016/2017 Boys Varsity Basketball

2018 BCA Volleyball 

Varsity Girls Volleyball took 1st Place in Division 2 State Chamionships of the Missouri Christian School Athletic Association

Congratulations Girls - Well Done

We are so blessed to have a group of musically talented students ​that desire to use their gifts for the glory of God! Our praise team has had the opportunity to sing in multiple venues including: chapel services, local church worship services, the Relay For Life, Christmas Caroling at Lacoba Homes, and more! 

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